The Consortium informs of research opportunities, encourages collaborative research among members, strengthens collective capacity, and communicates relevant research findings in order to highlight Consortium member activity. The Consortium:

  • Develops interdisciplinary collaborative research projects.
  • Enhances undergraduate research opportunities.
  • Collaborates on joint funding applications.
  • Provides forum for faculty and student research symposia at its annual meeting.

2009 Summer Research Experience. Beacon Institute for Rivers and Estuaries in collaboration with Hudsonia and the Environmental Consortium offered a summer research opportunity for undergraduates at Consortium member institutions interested in furthering their training in biology and exploring career options in research.

Matthew Francis (Marist College) and Lori Jaeger, (Sullivan County Community College) were selected for 2009. Their research project focused on the red-eared slider turtle population on Denning’s Point, Beacon, NY. View final report.