Additional Programming

Curricular Collaboration
The Consortium will work to develop programs and courses with an environmental focus that are open to students across member institutions. Modalities for delivering such programs/courses may range from simple sharing of single courses by two institutions, to collaborative offerings of entire curricular programs to students in all member institutions.

Climate Change Modules were developed as resources for students and faculty participating in the 2008 Focus the Nation initiative. The resources were featured at the close of the Consortium’s 5th Annual Conference held in January 2008 at Fordham University. View Proceedings. The Consortium is working to explore other curricular modules and programs that transcend disciplinary boundaries to integrate nature, environment and other foci into curricula.

Field Studies
The Consortium will work to unite members to develop programs that bring participants together to engage not only in traditional teaching practices, but also devise and execute innovative, cutting-edge, field experiences. The Consortium also acts as a repository for case studies and field sites through our Resource Center.

Community Outreach
The Consortium works to engage other communities in the watershed such as prek-12 faculty, nonprofits, and collaborative extensions to determine what programs exist and to assess unmet needs and opportunities. Potential partnership with these organization and groups are explored.