Governed by a multi-institutional, multi-disciplinary, Steering Committee comprised of the Consortium director, a chair, vice-chair and 18 members, including two students, the Steering Committee is responsible for providing strategic guidance for the Consortium's policies and programs, while the Director provides leadership by implementing the policies, activities, and work plans of the Consortium. The Committee meets four times a year, twice in the fall and twice in the spring. 

The Environmental Consortium maintains an office generously provided by its host institution, Pace University, in Pleasantville, New York.

Call for Nominations to the Consortium Steering Committee

Nomination Form

Nominations close Monday, December 7, 2015.

The Environmental Consortium Steering Committee solicits nominations for open positions on the Steering Committee. In order to qualify for a seat, you must hail from an Institutional Member or Non-Profit Member.

In selecting members for election, the Committee considers Article III of the Consortium By-Laws. The Committee encourages nominations from different and diverse academic disciplines.  If you are interested in serving on the Committee, please complete the nomination form and send it to Lucy Johnson, Chair, at  If you would like to nominate someone else for service, please contact them first to assess their willingness to serve and ask them to send the nomination form. 

The Steering Committee meets twice in the fall, and twice in the spring. If you cannot travel to a meeting, teleconference is an option.


2015 Steering Committee Members
(Yearly service runs from January 16th to January 15th for member terms. Student terms run September to September.)

Michelle Land Michelle Land, J.D.
Pace Academy for Applied Environmental Studies
Pace University

Lucy Johnson Lucille Lewis Johnson, Ph.D.
Professor of Anthropology
Vassar College
3-year term 2015-2017

John Kowal John Kowal, Ph.D.
Vice President for Academic Affairs and Academic Dean
Maria College
3-year term 2014-2016
Committee Members:    

Stuart Belli

Stuart L. Belli, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Vassar College
3-year term 2015-2017

Paul Benzing, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Environmental Science
The College of Saint Rose
3-year term 2014-2016

David T. Conover
Education Director
Hudson River Sloop Clearwater
3-year term 2015-2017

John Cronin

John Cronin
Beacon Institute Fellow
Clarkson University
Senior Fellow in Environmental Affairs, Pace Academy for Applied Environmental Studies
Pace University
3-year term 2015-2017

Peter Ellard, Ph.D.
Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs
Siena College
3-year term 2013-2015

Monika Espinasa
Professor, Department of Biological Sciences
SUNY Ulster County Community College
3-year term 2013-2015

Daniel Farkas, Ph.D.
Professor of Information Technology
Pace University
3-year term 2014-2016

Elyse Fuller
Associate Professor of Science
SUNY Rockland Community College
3-year term 2014-2016

Evan Kamber

Evan Kamber
Environmental Studies Major
Member of Student and College Committee on Sustainability
Vassar College
2-year term 2014-2015

Kytt MacManus

Kytt MacManus
Geographic Information Specialist
Earth Institute at Columbia University
3-year term 2013-2015

Madeline Mignone

Madeline Micceri Mignone, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Biology
Coordinator, Science Department and Biology Program
Dominican College
3-year term 2014-2016

Walt Nadolny

Captain Walter Nadolny
Assistant Professor
Marine Transportation Department
SUNY Maritime College
3-year term 2013-2015

Larry O'Connell, MBA, MS, MA
Adjunct Professor of Economics
The New School
3-year term 2015-2016

Ryan Palmer

Ryan Palmer
Director, Center for the Urban River at Beczak
Sarah Lawrence College
3-year term 2015-2017

Carol Rietsma, Ph.D.
Emerita Associate Professor, Biology
SUNY New Paltz
3-year term 2013-2015

Douglas A. Robinson, Jr., Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Biology
Division of Natural Sciences
Mount Saint Mary College
3-year term 2015-2017

Martin Shaffer

Martin Shaffer, Ph.D.
Dean, School of Liberal Arts
Marist College
3-year term 2014-2016

Ex Officio:
Tim Sugrue Timothy F. Sugrue, Ph.D.
President and Chief Executive Officer
Beacon Institute for Rivers and Estuaries
Clarkson University

Fall 2015 Steering Commitee Meeting Schedule

Meeting Minutes